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Hyattstown Christian Church

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WORSHIP celebrations at Hyattstown are the center of our spiritual life together. We take the concept of the "priesthood of all believers" very seriously, Our laypeople, adults, youth, and children take visible roles in the leadership of our worship.

The Liturgists: Laypersons serve as the liturgists, or readers, of the scripture lessons and prayers at every celebration. On special occasions, such as during the Lenten season, Holy Week, and Advent/Christmas, we will enjoy several liturgists.

In the Christian Church, the value of every person is emphasized. Our children take active roles in our worship. They serve as acolytes, lighting the candles and assisting in worship.

Elders in the Disciples Church are laymen and laywomen elected to share in the conducting of worship, to serve Holy Communion, and to share in the pastoral care and spiritual leadership of the congregation with our pastor. The interim pastor is the celebrant of Holy Communion, but he is always assisted by Laypeople. The eldership is a voluntary ministry.

Deaconate Men and Women are laypersons elected to serve communion and function as servants in the worship celebrations.

Both Elders and Deaconate serve as the Official Board, the policy making body of the congregation. This Board, which meets quarterly, appoints committees to do the work of the Church and plan special events. The interim pastor is an administrator of the Board's policy, but the executives of the Board are laypersons.

We have a wonderful Chancel choir, which presents anthems for weekly worship, as well as special music during Holy Week, Lent, Advent, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

SPECIAL worship celebrations include our Christmas Eve celebration at 7:00 P.M. We also have an Eccumenical Thanksgiving service and special services during LENT and HOLY WEEK.

The Lord's Supper or Communion is celebrated in weekly worship. It is open to all who are followers of Jesus Christ. The practice of Holy Communion has become the central element of worship within the Disciples tradition. We practice an open table, and anyone who believes in Jesus Christ is invited to share the sacrament with us, regardless of their church affiliation.











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