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Puerto Rico Mission Trip

Our church sponsored a service project for volunteers to help in the ongoing hurricane recovery effort in Puerto Rico. Interim Pastor Rev. Jeff Stinehelfer organized the project, working with officials of the United Church of Christ (partners with the Christian Church, Disciples of Christ), and with Ryder Memorial Hospital, the highly regarded UCC medical mission in Humacao, PR. The "eye" of Hurricane Maria passed directly over this southeast region of the island. We will assist recovery of the hospital facility, as well as local families designated by hospital administrators. Our church along with Pilgrim UCC church raised about $5000 to help with the continued relief efforts. Twelve volunteers departed on November 3, worked for a week, and returned home November 10. Below is a photo of Jeff and two volunteers from Hyattstown that were part of the twelve that went. They shared their experience with us at church on November11. More photos and stories will be posted here soon. From what we heard, there is still significant devestation and challenges with recovery because there are no building codes, so standard sizes don't tend to fit. There were only basic tools to repair/replace rooves, doors, walls, etc. Electricity is still spotty in some areas and the southeast part of the island, where the crew worked most days, received a lot of rain, making conditions difficult. The people were very appreciative and welcoming, sharing what little they had to feed the volunteers. Thanks to all who donated and supported this effort!! If anyone is interested in learning more about the volunteer camp, you may contact Jeff Stinehelfer at 240-988-5996, or