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Current Members

MEMBERS of Hyattstown Christian Church represent a marvelous and creative cross section of American folks. At a typical Hyattstown service, prayers offered by elders may be spoken by a college professor or an iron worker, a computer programmer or a nurse.

The congregation has numerous members in the several health care professions, several contractors and building maintenance specialists, a few auto mechanics and salespersons, a good share of teachers, law enforcement officers and quite a few computer programmers and telecommunication experts of one kind or another. We have office workers and executives, moms, dads, and grandparents.

Becoming a Member

Sometimes people tell us that its too easy to join the Hyattstown Christian Church. Our answer is that it has always been easy to join the church -- it's a lot harder to be a Christian...and we all fail at we try all the harder. To join our Church...simply come forward during the last Hymn and tell us you want to be a member. It's that simple. For those who are already members of another church, just transfer membership. For brand new Christians, we arrange a celebration of Christian baptism.

People have joined our church in the kitchen or the parking lot....if you sincerely want to work and worship in the will be made welcome here!


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