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Our History

Old church picture


Hyattstown Christian Church was organized in 1840. The original log building was located about a half mile south of the present Church, which is the site of our parish cemetery. Jesse Hyatt, who established this town, rests in our church cemetery.

It has been reported that Alexander Campbell, one of the founders of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), may have preached in our first building on his way to the constitutional convention.

The congregation outgrew the modest facilities at the bottom of the hill, and relocated to our present address in 1870. The Sanctuary that was built at the time, is still the center of our worship 157 years later. The Sanctuary was most recently remodelled in 1989 in preparation for our Sesquicentennial celebrations throughout 1990.

We do not have a date for the building of our first parsonage, which was located on the alley to the south of the church. But the second parsonage was erected in 1920 and still serves as the residence of our pastor. The parsonage sits on the southeast corner of the Church property.

In 1950, the education building was completed. It contains the Fellowship Hall, kitchen, offices, classrooms, our Upper Room and restrooms.

The Altar of Hyattstown Christian Church


The base of the Hyattstown Christian Church altar table is the Communion Table first used by the old Ninth Street Christian Church in downtown Washington, D.C. This formidable congregation was divided between the suburbs.  As a result, the building at 9th and D streets, NE was sold to a local congregation who had been displaced by the Southwest Freeway.  Ninth Street's congregation used the proceeds to build two new churches with the bulk of the congregation moving to become Henson Valley Christian Church and the rest of the funds went to Heritage Christian Church. Ninth Street moved from its building in 1964; worshipped temporarily at a church at 3d & A Streets, N.E.; bought land in Oxon Hill and met at a local school until the church building (Henson Valley) was erected in '68-'69. Henson Valley was the repository for the bulk of Ninth Street's furnishings and history.  However, the congregation of 9th Street gave their Lord's Table to Bethesda Christian Church which was located on Wisconsin Avenue in Montgomery County. Bethesda Christian Church used this old Lord's Table in their vestibule as a lovely literature table.   

In 1985, when Bethesda Christian Church voted to end its active life, they very generously gave away an infinite amount of valuables to other congregations in the Capital Area Region. Hyattstown Christian Church was very grateful to receive the Holy Table from the old Ninth Street Christian Church, and later, Bethesda.

To accommodate all the items that we place on the altar table, an old flush door was placed on the top of the Table, and was concealed by the colorful altar covers.

Jim Miller added new trim and stained the old top of the table, transforming it into an altar, and preserving the carved words "IN REMEMBRANCE OF ME".

Many of our members have made covers for the altar, including a very beautiful one that Gail Howard created with the children of the world as its theme.

We can now enjoy the altar covered or uncovered, depending on the occasion and the season of the year.







About the Christian Church

The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) was an outgrowth of the American development in the nineteenth century. Largely Presbyterian in its background, the Disciples have always been a very open minded, creedless, and ecumenical church. We share the same essential faith, but seldom the same opinions. CoCU

We are currently in a partnership with the United Church of Christ, and we are one of several denominations in the Church of Christ Uniting, which includes:

The United Methodist Church

The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

The Presbyterian Church U.S.

The African Methodist Episcopal Church

The African Methodist Episcopal Church Zion

The United Church of Christ

The Community Christian Churches

The Episcopal Church

In the local community we share ecumenical worship with the Hyattstown United Methodist Church on Thanksgiving Eve and again on Maundy Thursday.